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Providing freelance user centred design services and usability consultancy to interactive agences and in house digital teams to supplement your own expertise.

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We are experienced in a wide range of user centred design techniques at all stages of the development process. This allows us to select the most appropriate approach to meet the needs of your project and the flexibility to support to your approach.

User research

Conducting user research, focus groups and surveys provides valuable information about user requirements and behaviour. This informs design decisions and enables us to deliver the right solution.

Competitor analysis

Reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors' products, to help guide design decisions and identify new opportunities.


Developing a clear understanding of the target audience and creating example personas, helps us guide the design of the interface and ensure user needs are met.

Experience design

Defining site content, behaviour and functionality based on business and user requirements.


Creating interactive prototypes using tools such as Axure to try out ideas and for use in usability testing.

Usability testing

Conducting usability testing with existing designs or comparing alternatives to identify how to improve the usability of a site or product.


Userxp began in 2003 when Neil Kindley started working as a sole trader. Since then we have worked for a wide variety of clients in industries as diverse as automotive, on-demand video and e-commerce. We have both agency and client side experience and are used to working as part of an agile team.

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Userxp was founded by Neil Kindley in 2003 when he started working as a sole trader providing freelance user centred design services. He setup Userxp Limited in 2007 which provides consultancy and freelance user experience designers.

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Neil Kindley

Neil is a user experience designer and usability specialist with over twenty years in user centred design. He has lead the development of the user experience on a wide range of products from in-store shopping application to video streaming services. He has experience working for both in house and for interactive agencies.

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